Data on the legal entity

Full company name: Limited Liability Company Insurance Company Pomosch

Abbreviated company name: LLC Insurance Company Pomosch

Legal address: 50A Sinopskaya Embankment A, Saint Petersburg, 191124

OGRN (Principal State Registration No.): 1037843105233
INN (Taxpayer Identification No.): 7825508140
KPP (Industrial Enterprise Classification Code): 783501001

Phone: (800) 505 58 88, Fax: (812) 578-09-60

General Director: Sergej Viktorovich Loktaev

Chief Accountant: Olga Gennadievna Butakova

Statistical monitoring:

OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of Businesses and Organizations): 13885514
OKATO (All-Russian Administrative Territorial Division Classification): 40298000000
OKTMO (All-Russian Classifier of Municipal Unit Territories): 40911000000
OKOGU (All-Russian Classifier of Government Entities and Administration): 4210014
OKFS (All-Russian Classifier of Forms of Ownership): 16
OKOPF (All-Russian National Classifier of Forms of Incorporation): 12300

Bank details (RUR)

LLC Insurance Company Pomosch

INN 7825508140, KPP 783501001

Transaction account No. 40 702 810 904 000 001 660 in BANK “DOM.RF” (Public Joint stock company) Saint-Petersburg

Correspondent account No. 30 101 810 900 000 000 855, BIK (Russian Central Bank Identification Code) 044030855

Bank details (USD, EUR)

Pomosch IC. Ltd

Account No: 40701978901300000132 current in EUR
40701840001300000173 current in USD

Beneficiary's bank: ALFA BANK

Code Country: 643

Address: 27 Kalanchevskaya str.,Moscow, 107078.

Russian Federation


Modified 02.07.2019